Welcome To The Birmingham International Christian Church

We are a non-denominational Bible based international Christian Church with a dream to evangelise the nations in our generation (Matthew 28:18-20Col 1:6). We believe God’s eternal plan was to create a people who would love him forever and accomplish this dream. In the Old Testament God uses prophecy and foreshadowing to reveal his heart towards a lost world. Isaiah 2:1-4 and Daniel 2:31-35 are incredible prophecies supporting the New Testament Kingdom and world evangelism. We believe Jesus’ primary mission was the cross (Matthew 16:21), but his primary message was the Kingdom (Acts 1:3). We have embraced this same message with a vision to plant churches all over the British Commonwealth and Europe in our generation.  Our goal is to evangelise the whole of West, East, North, South Midlands.

The Leaders: Sean and Mary-Jane

Our goal is to grow the church in Birmingham so that the young

and the old can rise up and preach the Word of God.

We have a goal to evangelise the world and We believe God

has a plan for us to build His kingdom in the West Midlands

starting here in Birmingham.